Oct 232013

In the past week or so, we have been discussing the pledges that companies make regarding their patents. These come up frequently in the area of standards-development and FRAND commitments, but other places as well. In the past few days, the General Counsel of both Cisco Systems and Verizon made public pledges that their companies would not sell patents to non-practicing entities (NPEs, referring to the type of NPEs known as Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) or, colloquially, patent “trolls”). We have added these new pledges to the compendium of non-SDO patent pledges collected here:


The Verizon pledge is interesting, because it was made orally by Randy Milch (Verizon GC) at a conference held at University of Colorado. Cisco’s pledge appears in an op-ed piece that Mark Chandler (Cisco GC) posted in Forbes.

If you are aware of other “patent pledges” made outside of the formal standards-development setting, please let us know!

Jorge Contreras