Nov 202013

12:15 -1:15 | Room 528

The book publishing industry is in the midst of a major transition.  When publication and distribution take place electronically, how much should an e-book cost and who should decide, the publisher or the retailer?  Amazon and Apple have answered these questions differently, and earlier this year, a federal district court held that Apple and five major publishers violated the antitrust laws by conspiring to raise the retail price of e-books.  This decision is now on appeal to the Second Circuit.  

Come hear WCL Professor Jon Baker explain the legal and business background of the case and the ramifications of possible outcomes.  Specifically, learn about how Apple’s strategy for entering the market with its iPad reader and iBookstore dovetailed with publishers’ interest in moving the e-book market  (and specifically Amazon) to the “agency” model of distribution, under which publishers rather than retailers set the retail price.