Jul 212014

In my scholarship and clinic work, I have been involved for the past several years in representing Native clients in the controversy surrounding the Washington NFL team’s disparaging trademark and related issues.  I have had the great privilege to work with Suzan Harjo, the national leader on this effort.  Building on this work,  I have co-authored a report with Erik Stegman at The Center for American Progress (CAP) titled “Missing the Point: The Real Impact of Mascots on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth.”  The report will be released at an event at CAP tomorrow morning and examines the research on the mental health impacts of racist team names and mascots on AIAN youth, the effects on their education, and proposes new recommendations to local, state, and federal education agencies to tackle the problem.  It also features personal testimonials from AIAN youth about how these racist stereotypes affect their self-esteem and create hostile learning environments. The program rolling out the report tomorrow morning will feature keynote remarks from Rep. Betty McCollum, followed by remarks from a young American Indian high school football player, and a panel of experts and tribal leaders.  Please join us or tune in to the webcast!

Click here for Details on the roll-out, and the webcast of the event.