May 182015

The Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property is hiring two fellows for the summer. Positions pay $12/hr. There are two major divisions of tasks, which may be split among fellows:

Data and program support

This summer, PIJIP fellows will compile all of PIJIP’s contacts information, currently split between 19 email lists, four spreadsheets, and 35 lists within WCL’s formatted email system, into one database. They will organize the contacts according to different, nonexclusive parameters (alum, location, has attended PIJIP events, etc.) so that PIJIP can send targeted messages to subsets of the contacts beginning in the fall. Additionally, fellows will assist in collecting faculty scholarship to build up the programs BE Press series of papers. Other web and communications tasks will be assigned as necessary.

International copyright research

PIJIP fellows will also support funded research on international copyright limitations and exceptions. Prof. Flynn has drafted questionnaires to capture differences in the legal structure of copyright exceptions in national laws and practice, and how these have changed over time. Fellows will complete the survey for different countries.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to