Jan 112016

PIJIP is one of the co-sponsors of the Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest. (Webpage) The fourth Global Congress was held in Delhi, India, December 15-17, and PIJIP faculty and staff contributions included:

Organization of the conference:

  • Professor Sean Flynn was co-leader of the Copyright User Rights Track, which examined how consumers and creators who rely on access to copyrighted material are affected by copyright around the world.
  • Meredith Jacob was co-leader of the Openness Track, focusing on the role of open licensing to promoting access to knowledge.


  • Professor Michael Carroll was co-convener on a session focused on authorship and sustainability in the production of educational materials.
  • Professor Peter Jaszi spoke on efforts in the U.S. to reform copyright law at a roundtable discussion on strategies and news on the fate of user rights in the copyright reform efforts worldwide.
  • Professor Christine Farley presented “The Inter-American Convention on Trademarks – An Abandoned Attempt at a Regional GI Agreement?” at a panel on the Regional and National Implications of International IP Law Making.
  • Professor Sean Flynn spoke on a panel about IP enforcement in trade agreements. He chaired a panel on Understanding the Socio-Economic Impact of Copyright in the Digital Economy, and chaired a copyright user rights breakout session.
  • Meredith Jacob spoke on a panel on Rethinking the Future of Openness. She chaired two panels, one on open content and open business models, and one on the problem of sustaining, revising, and “marketing” open content.
  • Michael Palmedo presented empirical work on the impact of enhanced copyright enforcement on the Panamanian market for primary school textbooks, and workshopped an expert survey on copyright law that PIJIP is preparing to circulate to experts in 40 countries.