Dec 052016

A Copyright Amendment Bill will be tabled in Parliament by the South African government proposing to reform the current system of copyright law in the country to include a “fair use” clause modeled on US law. PIJIP Professors Peter Jaszi and Sean Flynn are visiting South Africa December 1 through 15 to participate in a series of workshops and lectures exploring how adoption of the proposed fair use standard may benefit creativity, innovation and development in the country.

Events being sponsored by PIJIP and partner organizations of the Global Expert Network on Copyright User Rights include:

The Global Expert Network on Copyright User Rights is a project of PIJIP that mobilizes research and academic expertise to promote the achievement of balance in copyright reform around the world through inclusion of appropriately general, open and flexible exceptions.

For more information on these workshops, see PIJIP’s page on December 2016 Copyright User Rights Workshops in South Africa.