2012 IP/Gender: Creativity Outside of IP’s Domain


November 2, 2012


How are conflicts around competing uses of an image, a method, or a form of words  resolved when copyright, patent and trademark don’t provide good answers?  The topic of the 2012 IP/Gender workshop will be “IP without IP – when women rule.”  In a roundtable discussion on the morning on Friday, November 2, we will explore gendered perspectives on the norm-based regulation of information ownership and use with specific communities of practice, and generate a research agenda for further inquiry.  The general subject of how informal norms operate in domains where IP law and such doesn’t apply, or isn’t applied, is the subject of an interesting and growing literature.  However, most of this work has been with self-regulating fields where authority genders strongly male:  magic, comedy, haut cuisine, etc.  The goal of this workshop is to stimulate thinking about this phenomenon as it may applied in communities where women practitioners are (or could be) norm-setters:  dance, fan culture, traditional arts, serial and reality television, Pinterest, fiber art (including weaving, knitting and needlework), to name a few.   The previous evening, November 1, Professor Christopher Sprigman of the University of Virginia, will deliver WCL’s annual Distinguished Lecture in Intellectual Property.  Professor Sprigman, who has written extensively about “IP without IP,” will join the workshop discussion on Friday, as will a number of legal experts, cultural anthropologists, and practitioners.


9:30 Welcome and Framing of IP/Gender Series – Peter Jaszi
9:45 Recap of Sprigman Lecture – Christopher Sprigman
10:00  Panel Discussion

12:00   Lunch and Conclusions/Next Steps