PIJIP Summer Sessions Welcoming Reception and Distinguished Lecture


Strategies for Eco-Innovation: Open Source or Orthodox IP?

Professor Jeremy deBeer
Wednesday, June 3 | Reception 5:00 | Lecture 6:00
WCL Sixth Floor Student Lounges
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debeerIn this provocative talk, Professor de Beer urges industry leaders and public policy makers to think progressively about innovation strategy and corresponding marketplace framework policies for eco-innovation. Societies around the world must urgently accelerate the invention and adoption of clean technologies that contribute to more sustainable economic development and prosperity. To further that goal, Professor de Beer clearly explains the conceptual differences between “open” and orthodox IP strategies, offering a helpful framework to understand IP management within the new paradigm of open innovation.

Practical examples across economic sectors—ranging from resource extraction to automotive manufacturing to agricultural biotechnology—shed light on the commercial viability of open strategies for eco-innovation. By tailoring marketplace framework policies to new business models, Professor de Beer suggests workable IP and innovation related solutions to some of the world’s most serious environmental challenges.

Jeremy de Beer, www.JeremydeBeer.com, is a tenured Full Professor of law at the University of Ottawa, where he creates and shapes ideas—about technology innovation, intellectual property, and global trade and development. He is also a visiting Adjunct Professor at American University’s Washington College of Law, teaching Intellectual Property and Environmental Law from June 1-4, 2015.

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