International Intellectual Property and the Public Interest


PIJIP promotes the inclusion of public interest concerns and participation by academic researchers and experts in the formulation of international intellectual property law, including by monitoring secretive trade agreement negotiations and by providing public comments in response to the United States’ unilateral “Special 301” enforcement program.

Spring 2016 Submissions, Comments, and Testimony:

  • Peter Jaszi, Michael Carroll, Sean Flynn and Meredith Jacob. Submission to New Zealand Government: Implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Chapter. April 4, 2016. Link.
  • Sean Flynn. Special 301 Post-Hearing Submission, Responding to Questions from the Committee. March 7, 2016. Link.
  • Sean Flynn and Luisa Guzman (on behalf of seven professors and civil society organizations). Joint Special 301 Comment by Law Professors and Civil Society Groups. February 9, 2016. Link.

Spring 2016 Blog Posts:

  • Mike Palmedo. After Special 301 Out of Cycle Review, Honduras Agrees to Strengthen Intellectual Property Enforcement. March 7, 2016. Link.
  • Mike Palmedo. TPP Implementation, and Obama’s 2017 Budget Proposal to Reduce the Period of Biologics Exclusivity in the U.S. February 9, 2016. Link.
  • Brandon Butler. The TPP and Rightsholder Abuse: Unusual Recognition, Discretionary Protections. February 2, 2016. Link.

PIJIP’s Long-Term Projects on International IP

  • Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest: PIJIP serves on the steering committee of the Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, a unique annual gathering of over 500 public interest advocates and scholars to chart goals and strategies for promoting a positive agenda for international intellectual property law.
  • We manage manages, a news and analysis blog and set of online research libraries on international intellectual property issues featuring dozens of commenters from around the world.