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Access to Medicine Legal Education Initiative

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Working with the Open Society Institute and the UN Development Programme, PIJIP has organized numerous short courses and workshops in Pretoria, South Africa, and  Kiev, Ukraine.  We work with local academics and leading advocates to train students, pracitioners, elected officials, and health advocates in the use of IP flexibilities to guarantee access to generic medicines.

US Prescription Policies and Access to Medicines

Doctor Writing a Prescription

State governments have begun to pass laws restricting data mining – the process by which pharmaceutical firms purchase prescribing records to hone their marketing tospecific doctors. Data mining grants pharmaceutical marketers undue influence on prescribing decisions, raises overall healthcare costs for consumers and bulk purchasers, and violates both patient and prescriber privacy.

Compulsory Licensing

Korea ProtesterPIJIP faculty, staff and students have advised stakeholders in multiple countries where disputes arose over the issuance of TRIPS-compliant compulsory licenses for medicines. These include the well known disputes over cancer and HIV/AIDS medicines in Thailand and antiretroviral medicines in Brazil.


Attribution for photos posted on under a creative commons license:  Photo of Korean FTA protester taken from Huffington Post blog by James Love.  Photo of doctor writing prescription by Happy Via. Photo of pills against a blue background by Darren Hester.