PIJIP Faculty Publications


Jonas Anderson  | Brandon ButlerMichael Carroll | Jorge Contreras | Christine Haight Farley | Sean Flynn | Peter Jaszi |  Victoria Phillips

Jonas Anderson

  • “Court Competition for Patent Cases, “163 U. PA. L. REV. (forthcoming 2014).
  • Patent Dialogue,” 92 N.C. L. REV. 1049 (2014).
  • “Informal Deference: An Historical, Empirical, and Normative Analysis of Patent Claim Construction,” Nw. U. L. Rev. Vol. 108 (2013).
  • “Book Review: Gene Patents and Collaborative Licensing Models,” 2 Intell. Prop. L. Book Rev. 1 (2011 (solicited)).
  • “Secret Inventions,” Intell. Prop. L. Rev. (Karen Tripp, ed.) Vol. 44, pp. 549-610 (2012).
  • “Secret Inventions,” Berkeley Tech. L.J., 26(917), 917-978 (2011). LINK
  • “Hiding Behind Nationality: The Temporary Presence Exception and Patent Infringement Avoidance,” 15 Mich. Telecommun. & Tech. L. Rev. 1 (2008).  LINK

Brandon Butler

  • “Special Report: Digital Copyright Developments Relating to U.S. Libraries and Publishers,” 2012-2013, in LIBRARY AND BOOK TRADE ALMANAC 2014 (Bowker Annual, 2014)(with Jonathan Band).
  • “Fair Use Rising: Full Text Access and Repurposing” in RECENT CASE LAW, RESEARCH LIBRARY ISSUES (Fall 2014).
  • “The Google Books and HathiTrust Decisions: Massive Digitization, Major Public Service, Modest Access,” MEDIA LAW RESOURCE CENTER BULLETIN,  (Spring 2014)(with Jonathan Band).
  • “What Rights Come with That Movie?” with Laura Jenemann, Library Journal (Jan. 9, 2014). LINK
  • “Some Cautionary Tales About Collective Licensing” with Jonathan Band, 21 Mich. State U. Int’l L. Rev. 687 (2013). LINK
  • “Overlapping Forms of Protection for Databases” with Jonathan Band, Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights (Neil Wilkof & Shamnad Basheer eds., 2012).

Michael Carroll

  • “Pinterest and Copyright’s Safe Harbors for Internet Providers,” 68 U. MIAMI L. REV. 421 (2014).
  • “A Realist Approach to Copyright Law’s Formalities,” 28 BERKELEY TECH. L.J. 1511 (2013).
  • “Fair Use in Context,” IP Jotwell (2013). LINK
  • “Copyright’s Creative Hierarchy in the Performing Arts,” Vand. J. Ent. & Tech L. 14 (797) (2012). LINK 
  • “Why Full Open Access Matters,” PLoS Biology, 9(11) (2011). LINK
  • “Tailoring Intellectual Property Rights,” The Structure of Intellectual Property Law. Ed. Annette Kur (2011).
  • “One Size Does Not Fit All: Framework for Tailoring Intellectual Property Rights,” Ohio State Law Journal. (2009). LINK
  • “Fair Use and Creative Commons Licenses,” Risk and Entrepreneurship. Ed. Pamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer. Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (2009).
  • “The Role of Copyright Law in Academic Journal Publishing,” Working within the Boundaries of Intellectual Property. Ed. Rochelle Dreyfuss, Harry First and Diane Zimmerman. Oxford University Press(2009). LINK
  • “Fixing Fair Use,” N.C. L. Rev. 85 (2007): 1087-1154. LINK
  • “Creative Commons as Conversational Copyright,”  Intellectual Property and Information Wealth: Issues and Practices in the Digital Age. Ed. Peter K. Yu. Praeger, 2007. 445-461. LINK
  • “Patent Injunctions and the Problem of Uniformity Cost,”  Mich. Telecommun. & Tech. L. Rev. 13 (2007): 421. LINK
  • “The Movement for Open Access Law – Symposium,” Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 10.4 (2006): 741-760. LINK
  • “One for All: The Problem of Uniformity Cost in Intellectual Property Law,” Am. U. L. Rev. 55 (2006). LINK
  • “Creative Commons and the New Intermediaries,” Mich. St. L. Rev. 45 (2006): 45-65. LINK
  • “The Struggle for Music Copyright,” Fla. L. Rev. 57 (2005): 907-961. LINK 
  • “Whose Music is it Anyway? How we Came to View Musical Expression as a Form of Property,” U. Cin. L. Rev. 72 (2004): 1405-1496. LINK
  • “Disruptive Technology and Common Law Lawmaking: A Brief Analysis of A&M Records, Inc. V. Napster, Inc.,”  Vill. Sports & Ent. L.J. 9.5 (2002). LINK 

Jorge Contreras

  • Bioinformatics Law: Legal Issues for Computational Biology in the Post-Genome Era (Jorge Contreras & A. James Cuticchia eds., ABA 2013). LINK
  • “Confronting the Crisis in Scientific Publishing: Latency, Licensing and Access,” 53 Santa Clara L. Rev. 491 (2013). LINK
  • “Fixing FRAND: A Pseudo-Pool Approach to Standards-Based Patent Licensing,” 79 Antitrust L.J. 47 (2013). LINK
  • “Implementing Procedural Safeguards for the Development of Bioinformatics Interoperability Standards,” 39 Northern Kentucky Law Review, No. 2 (2012).
  • “Standards, Patents, and the National Smart Grid,” 32 Pace L. Rev. 642 (2012).
  • “Higher Standards for Sustainable Building Materials,” Nature Climate Change, 2 62-64 (2012). LINK
  • “Open Access Scientific Publishing and the Developing World,” St Antony’s Intl. Rev., 8(1), 43-69 (2012). LINK
  • “Wait for it…Commons Copyright and the Private (Re)Ordering of Scientific Publishing,” (2012). LINK
  • “Public Health Versus Personal Liberty — The Uneasy Case for Individual Detention, Isolation and Quarantine,” 7 The Sci Tech Lawyer 7 (2011). LINK
  • “Equity, Antitrust, and the Reemergency of Patent Unenforceability Remedy,” The Antitrust Source (2011). LINK
  • “Toward a Rational Framework for Sustainable Building Materials Standards,” 63 Standards Engineering 1 (2011). LINK
  • “Gridlock or Greased Lightning: Intellectual Property, Government Involvement and the Smart Grid,” AIPLA Annual Meeting (2011).  LINK
  • “An Empirical Study of the Effects of Ex Ante Licensing Disclosure Policies on the Development of Voluntary Technical Standards,” Natl. Inst. of Stands. & Tech. (2011). LINK 
  • “Catalyzing Technology Development Through University Research,” Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Climate Change. Ed. Joshua Sarnoff (2011). LINK
  • “Standards and Related Intellectual Property Issues for Climate Change Technology,” Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Climate Change. Ed. Joshua Sarnoff (2011). LINK
  • “Bermuda’s Legacy: Patents, Policy and the Design of the Genome Commons,” 16 Minn. J.L. Sci. & Tech. 61 (2011). LINK
  • “Natl. Inst. Standards & Tech. Stfudy Report: An Empirical Study of the Effects of Ex Ante Licensing Disclosure Policies on the Development of Voluntary Technical Standards,” Natl. Inst. Stands. & Tech. (2011). LINK
  • “Toward a Rational Framework for Sustainable Building Materials Standards,” Standards Engineering, 1 (2011). LINK
  • “Prepublication Data Release, Latency, and Genome Commons,” 329 Sci. 393 (2010).
  • “Data Sharing, Latency Variables and Science Commons,” 25 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1601 (2010). LINK
  • “‘Next’ and Michael Crichton’s Five-Step Program for Biotechnology Law Reform,” 48 Jurimetrics 3 (2008). LINK
  • “Intellectual Property Landscape of Material Sustainability Standards,” Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev., Vol. 14.
  • “Technical Standards and Ex Ante Disclosure: Results and Analysis of an Empirical Study,” Jurimetrics, Vol. 53, No. 1.
  • “Intellectual Property Landscape of Material Sustainability Standards,” Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev., Vol. 14.
  • “The International Serious Adverse Events Consortium’s data sharing model,” Nature Biotechnology, 31(1).
  • Jorge Contreras has become a guest blogger at Patently-O, where last October he posted Good Things Come in Threes, and is a regular contributor at PatentProgress.org (see his author archives).

Christine Haight Farley

  • “Stabilizing Morality in Trademark Law,” 63 AM. U. L. REV. 101 (2014).
  • “Territorial Exclusivity in U.S. Copyright and Trademark Law,” in DISTRIBUTION DES INTANGIBLES – LA PROPRIÉTÉ INTELLECTUELLE DANS LE COMMERCE DES NOUVEAUX BIENS (Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse ed., 2014).
  • “The Pan-American Trademark Convention of 1929: A Bold Vision of Extraterritorial Meets Current Realities”, in TRADEMARK PROTECTION AND TERRITORIALITY CHALLENGES IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY (Irene Calboli & Edward Lee, eds., 2014).
  • “Whether to Challenge or Protect Offensive Trademarks,” Op-Ed, for Al Jezeera, Mar. 23, 2013.
  • Lead author, amicus brief for law professors in Paddle Tramps Manufacturing Co. v. Alpha Chi Omega et al., filed in the U.S. Supreme Court in (2013).
  • “Will Thousands of New Top Level Domains Change the Internet?” Op-Ed, for Al Jazeera, Apr. 24, 2013.
  • “Imagining the Law: Art,” Law and The Humanities: An Introduction (2010).
  • “Why Are We Confused About Trademark Dilution Law,” Trademark Dilution: Applications and Implications, Ed. A.V. Narsimha Rao (2009).
  • “Convergence and Incongruence: Trademark Law and ICANN’s Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains,” J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 25.4 (2009): 626-623. LINK
  • “Clinical Legal Education and the Public Interest in Intellectual Property Law,” St. Louis U. L.J. 52 (2008): 735-748. (with Peter Jaszi, Victoria Phillips, and Joshua Sarnoff) LINK
  • “The Feminine Mystique of the Brand in Trademark Law Today,” Am. U. Working Paper.(2008). LINK 
  • “Trademark Dilution Law: A Remedy in Search of a Harm,”  Fordham Intell. Prop. Media & Ent. L.J. 16 (2006): 101-113. LINK
  • “Judging Art,” Tulane L. Rev. 79 (2005): 805-858. LINK
  • “The Lingering Effects of Copyright’s Response to the Invention of Photography,” U. Pettsburgh L. Rev. 65 (2004): 385-456. LINK
  • “Conflicts Between U.S. Law and International Treaties Concerning Geogrphical Indications,” Wittier L. Rev. 22.73 (2000): 73-78. LINK
  • “Protecting Folklore: Is Intellectual Property the Answer?”  Conn. L. Rev. 30 (1997): 1-57. LINK
  • “Confronting Expectations: Women in the Legal Academy.” Yale J. L. & Feminism 8 (1996): 338-358. LINK

Sean Fiil-Flynn 

  • “Special 301 and Global Administrative Law,” in BALANCING WEALTH AND HEALTH: THE BATTLE OVER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND ACCESS TO MEDICINES IN LATIN AMERICA (Rochelle Dreyfuss & Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito eds., 2014).
    “ACTA’s Constitutional Problem in the United States,” in THE ACTA AND THE PLURILATERAL ENFORCEMENT AGENDA: GENESIS AND AFTERMATH (Pedro Roffe & Xavier Seuba eds., 2014).
    “Introduction—the interface between intellectual property and competition in low- and middle-income countries, and Comparative perspectives through country case studies,” in USING COMPETITION LAW TO PROMOTE ACCESS TO HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES: A GUIDEBOOK FOR LOW- AND MIDDLE-INCOME COUNTRIES (2014).
  • “The US Proposal for an Intellectual Property Chapter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,” 28 Am. U. Intl. L. Rev. 105 (2012). LINK
  • “Introduction to the Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest,” 28 Am. U. Intl. L. Rev. 1 (2012). LINK
  • “Public Interest Analysis of the U.S. Trans Pacific Partnership Proposal for an IP Chapter,” PIJIP Research Paper no. 2012-10. LINK
  • “ACTA’s Constitutional Problems: The Treaty is Not a Treaty,” 26 Am. U. Intl. L. Rev. 3 (2011). LINK
  • “ACTA and Access to Medicines,” The Greens European Free Alliance (2012). LINK
  • “Public Interest Analysis of the US TPP Proposal for an IP Chapter,” Northeastern U. L. Research Paper  82 (2012). LINK
  • “Using Competition Law to Promote Access to Knowledge,” From Intellectual Property to Access to Knowledge. Ed. Amy Kapczynski, forthcoming 2009. LINK
  • “Untold Stories in South Africa: The Creative Consequences of the Clearance Culture for Documentary Filmmakers,” (with Peter Jaszi), forthcoming 2009.
  • “An Economic Justification for Open Access to Essential Medicine Patents in Developing Countries,” J.L. Med. & Ethics (2009). (with Aidan Hollis and Mike Palmedo.) LINK
  • “Abbott’s Refusal to Register Medicines as a Contravention of Section 28 of the Thailand Competition Act,” Right to Life. Ed. Kannikar Kijtiwatchakulk, 2008. LINK
  • “The Constitutionality of State Regulation of Prescription Data Mining,” BNA Pharmaceutical Law & Indsutry Report 5.43 (2007): 1-10. LINK
  • “Who’s Afraid of Competition? The Latest Assaults on Municipal Provision of Broadband Services and the Competitive Ideals of the Communications Act,” J. Mun. Telecomm. Pol. 13 (2006): 6.
  • “Dispelling Myths: A Real World Perspective on Trinko,” Antitrust Bulletin. 50 (2206): 589. (with Robert Jablon and Mark Hegedus).
  • “Brand X and the New Agency Kings,” Municipal Lawyer. 46 (2005): 6. (with Tim Lay).
  • “Verizon Communications v. Trinko: The Message for Cities is Caution,” Municipal Lawyer 46 (2005): 6. (with Robert Jablon and Mark Hegedus).
  • “Democratizing the Regulation and Governance of Water in U.S.,” Reclaiming Public Water: Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World (2005).
  • “Constitutional Issues and the Right to Water,” The Age of Commodity: Water Privatization in Southern Africa. Ed. David A. McDonald and Greg Ruiters, 2004 (with Danwood Chirwa).
  • “Legal Strategies for Expanding Access to Medicines,” Emory International Law Journal 17 (2003): 535-546. LINK

Peter Jaszi 

  • COPYRIGHT LAW (9th ed. 2013) (with Craig Joyce, Marshall Leaffer, Tyler Ochoa, and Michael Carroll).
  • “Fair Use and Education: The Way Forward,” Law and Literature Vol. 25, No. 1 (2013). LINK
  • Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries. Assoc. of Research Libraries (2012).
  • Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright, University of Chicago Books (2011). LINK
  • “Untold Stories in South Africa: Creative Consequences of the Rights Clearance Culture for Documentary           Filmmakers,” American University WCL Research Paper (2010). LINK
  • “Traditional Culture: A Step Forward for Protection in Indonesia,” Ford Foundation (2010). LINK
  • Protection for Pre-1972 Sound Recordings under State Law and Its Impact on Use by Nonprofit Institutions: A 10-State Analysis, DC: Council on Library and Information Services, 2009. LINK
  • “Clinical Legal Education and the Public Interest in Intellectual Property Law,” St. Louis U. L.J. 52 (2008): 735-748. With Christine Farley, Victoria Phillips, Joshua Sarnoff. LINK

Victoria Phillips 

  • “Missing the Point: The Real Impact of Native Mascots and Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth,” Center for American Progress, (2014)(with Erik Stegman).
  • “Gender and Invention: Mapping the Connections,” 19 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Policy & L. 767 (2011). LINK
  • “Clinical Legal Education and the Public Interest in Intellectual Property Law,” 52 St. Louis U. L.J. 735-748 (2008). With Peter Jaszi, Christine Farley, and Joshua Sarnoff. LINK
  • “Commodification, Intellectual Property and the Quilter’s of Gee’s Bend,” 15 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Policy & L. 357-377 (2007). LINK
  • “Summing Up the Public Interest: A Review of ‘Media Diversity and Localism: Meaning and Metrics’, Edited by Philip M. Napoli,” 60 Federal Comm. L.J. 157-166 (2007). LINK
  • “On Media Consolidation, The Public Interest, and Angels Earning Wings,” 53 Am. U. L. Rev. 613-633 (2004). LINK