SOC Faculty Forum with Prof. Sinnreich on Configurable Culture and Copyright Ethics


sinnreichTuesday, November 3 | 11:00am
McKinley Media Innovation Lab
4400 Massachusetts Avenue,
Washington, DC 20016

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PIJIP is co-hosting a special School of Communication Faculty Forum featuring Professor Sinnreich. He will discuss his research using quantitative and qualitative survey data collected from thousands of adult Internet users across a range of nations between 2006-2015 to examine the diffusion, adoption, prevailing attitudes, and ethical frameworks surrounding “configurable” cultural practices such as mashups, remixes and memes. These cultural forms, which are produced and circulated within digital, networked media, depart from earlier models of cultural production by blurring the lines between traditional production and consumption. Consequently, they often present a challenge for economic and legal models premised on linear models of media production and reception, such as traditional retail, reach-based broadcasting, and copyright law.